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The only TV streaming platform that lets creators keep 100% of monetization profits and the rights to their content 

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Onest Network is set to premiere in July 2022 in the United States and 20 more countries to 110+ million viewers and altogether 80% of the tv streaming market. The live programming and on-demand shows, movies and series will be available online, on Roku TV & Fire TV with further rollout to Apple TV, iOS & Android platforms in Q4 of this year.

What's special about us?

Onest Network was created with TWO IDEAS in mind: to provide curated high quality content to inspire, educate and entertain our viewers worldwide AND to provide the one of a kind opportunity for the best content creators to grow their business with unlimited earnings.

Think regular TV without high monthly fees combined with unlimited streaming of only high quality content that YOU are interested in. No algorithms, no THIRD party sales. 

What kind of content are we talking about?

We divide our content into 10 categories

Arts & Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Business​, Food, Health & Lifestyle, Humor & Kindness, Kids & Parenting, News & Politics, People & Relationships, Travel

Each 2 months we welcome 3 TOP creators in each category who are introduced to our audience LIVE on air and premiere their weekly episodes LIVE and on-demand for the next 8 weeks. Then YOU, the audience, decide whether you'd love connecting with the same creators or a ready for something new for the following 8 weeks. All episodes are available live and on-demand and our creators will do the best job connecting with you on & off social media and host giveaways and specials.

PLUS - we are proud to offer you the opportunity of FREE education and inspiration. Therefore, we will host monthly LIVE themed marathon streams presenting you the best coaches , speakers and entertainers in the biz each time supporting a nonprofit that benefits those in need. 

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