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Secretary Blinken Advocates for Global Action on Earth Day: Combating Plastic Pollution

In 2024, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken marks the 54th Earth Day alongside the 50th anniversary of the Department of State’s Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

Highlighting the significant strides made in environmental diplomacy over the past five decades, Blinken underscores its role in addressing critical issues such as ozone layer depletion and acid rain pollution, leading to improved global health and prosperity.

This year’s Earth Day spotlights the pressing threat of plastic pollution to our planet's water bodies and marine ecosystems.

In response, the United States is spearheading efforts domestically and internationally to tackle this challenge. Engaging in discussions for a global agreement on plastic pollution and driving initiatives like the End Plastic Pollution International Collaborative (EPPIC), the U.S. is mobilizing governments, civil society, and businesses to innovate and implement solutions.

Blinken emphasizes the multifaceted impacts of plastic pollution, ranging from water and food safety to public health, particularly affecting marginalized communities. He calls for renewed commitment to combat plastic pollution and advocates for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Source: U.S. Department Of State, April 22, 2024


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