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Our Vision

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ONEST is Where Truth Meets Transparency


At ONEST Network, our commitment lies in delivering up-to-the-minute news, comprehensive political insights, and captivating narratives shaping our global landscape. We pride ourselves on sourcing factual information straight from the roots, ensuring you remain well-informed around the clock.

Our approach involves direct interviews with subjects, physical or virtual attendance at press briefings, and meticulous sourcing from reputable channels. Articles containing opinions are distinctly labeled as such. Our ultimate aim is to present information and perspectives clearly, empowering you to form your own informed opinions.

Olga Nesterova

Journalist | Reporter

Olga Nesterova at the White House Easter Egg Roll 2024

ONEST Network is curated and its content is executively produced by Olga Nesterova, a multifaceted professional with a rich background. Former World Champion PRO athlete, UN diplomat, and seasoned producer for NBA/WNBA/NHL halftime shows, Olga brings a wealth of experience to the table.

With a career spanning from journalism to international relations, Olga has been featured on numerous TV shows, conducted over 400 interviews, and orchestrated live and pre-recorded events worldwide. Hailing from Ukraine and raised in Germany, her academic journey took her through The Netherlands and the United States, where she graduated with honors and the highest GPA in International Economic Relations, International Business and Administration, with minors in Political Science, Media Law, and EU Policies. Fluent in five languages, Olga is dedicated to presenting factual information to educate her audience.

Her extensive reporting portfolio includes coverage of prestigious events, briefings, and summits both in the United States and abroad. Currently, she focuses on dissecting and analyzing US foreign policy in the context of US-EU relations.

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