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Will Ukraine be invited to join NATO this summer?

In a significant move underscoring Ukraine's commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration, Andriy Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, alongside former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, spearheaded discussions on the Security and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit.

The focal point of the summit was the unveiling of the Official Report of the International Task Force on Security and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine.

Yermak emphasized the report's recommendation to extend a NATO invitation to Ukraine at the forthcoming Washington summit, stressing the imperative for concrete and enduring support from the international community.

"The strongest commitment is NATO membership," he declared, affirming Ukraine's steadfast desire to align with the EU and NATO.

Against the backdrop of ongoing conflicts, Yermak underscored the urgent need to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities, asserting that such support was essential not only for Ukraine's security but also for upholding democracy worldwide.

Central to the Task Force's recommendations is the proposal to lift all restrictions on conventional weapon supplies to Ukraine, aiming to strengthen its defensive capabilities against aggressor nations.

Additionally, the report advocates for the consolidation of bilateral security agreements into an international compact, enhancing Ukraine's collaborative defense efforts with partner countries.

The Task Force's proposals extend beyond diplomatic gestures, advocating for tangible financial commitments from NATO member states.

It calls for a mandatory allocation of 0.25% of GDP towards military assistance to Ukraine, alongside the utilization of frozen Russian assets worth $300 billion to bolster Ukraine's resilience.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen echoed the urgency of the report's recommendations, emphasizing three key points: the removal of arms supply restrictions, the deployment of air defense systems along NATO's eastern border, and extending a NATO invitation to Ukraine. Dismissing concerns about ongoing conflicts as a barrier to NATO expansion, Rasmussen cautioned against conceding ground to adversaries, noting that hesitation could embolden aggressor states.

Yermak reinforced the report's resolute stance, asserting that Ukraine's NATO membership was not contingent upon the cessation of hostilities. He stressed that with unwavering determination, Ukraine's accession to the Alliance was both feasible and imperative. "With proper determination, anything is possible. We have proved this more than once," he affirmed.

As Ukraine intensifies its pursuit of NATO membership, the Copenhagen Democracy Summit serves as a pivotal platform for rallying international support behind Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic aspirations. The recommendations outlined in the Task Force's report underscore a collective commitment to fortify Ukraine's security and advance its integration into the Euro-Atlantic community.


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