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Vice President Kamala Harris Sets Stage for Debate: "We Will Determine What Kind of Country We Want"

Vice President Kamala Harris | Celeste Sloman/Redux
Vice President Kamala Harris | Celeste Sloman/Redux

In a passionate address at a Biden Victory Fund fundraiser event earlier tonight, Vice President Kamala Harris underscored the pivotal role of the upcoming presidential debate in shaping America's future. Standing under the fading evening sun in California, Harris articulated her views with conviction and clarity.

"This debate is going to frame race," Harris asserted, emphasising the profound contrast between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. "Biden spends his time thinking about the American people and how to uplift them," she stated, highlighting his commitment to reducing costs, creating jobs, and strengthening the middle class.

In stark contrast, Harris criticized Trump, asserting, "On the other hand, you have the former president who cares only about himself." She portrayed Trump as self-centered, labeling his presidential ambitions as driven purely by personal gain.

Speaking directly about Trump's approach to truth, Harris remarked, "We're also going to see on that debate stage a Donald Trump who we know has always been unburdened by truth. That's not a burden he carries, to tell the truth."

Reflecting on the urgency of the approaching election day, Harris acknowledged the limited time left: "Not a lot of time. And we are going to win." She expressed confidence amidst applause, reiterating, "It's not going to be easy but we are going to win."

Throughout her speech, Harris framed the election as a defining moment for America's values and future direction. "In this election, we will determine what kind of country we want and we will make a statement about who we are as a country," she declared passionately.

Drawing from her extensive travels across swing states in recent months, Harris addressed concerns she had heard from Americans about threats to fundamental freedoms. "What happened to love thy neighbor?," she questioned, referencing attacks on freedoms like the right to vote and women's reproductive rights. "When we look at the attacks on the freedom of women to make decisions about their own body and not have their government tell them what to do. Attacks on basic liberties."

In conclusion, Harris's remarks not only set the stage for a crucial debate but also underscored the broader implications of the upcoming election. As the nation gears up for a pivotal moment in its history, Harris's words serve as a rallying call to define and defend the values that define America.

Source: special thanks go out to David Wilson of San Gabriel Valley Tribune for the extensive and detailed VP travel pool coverage


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