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United States Pledges Over $190 Million to Bolster Ukraine's Energy Sector Amid Ongoing Crisis

In a significant move to bolster Ukraine's energy infrastructure, the United States has announced a commitment of more than $190 million to the Securing Power, Advancing Resilience and Connectivity (SPARC) project. Spearheaded by USAID, this initiative aims to provide critical energy assistance to the Government of Ukraine (GOU) over the course of five years.

The SPARC project is strategically designed to enhance the resilience, reliability, affordability, and security of Ukraine's electric power, natural gas, and district heating sectors. This comprehensive approach includes the provision of vital technical assistance, reform support, and essential equipment and services to maintain uninterrupted energy supply.

The urgency of this investment is underscored by recent events, notably Russia's devastating attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure on March 22, 2024, marking one of its most aggressive assaults to date.

Recognizing the immediate need for support, USAID has committed nearly $1 billion in energy assistance since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion. This assistance, which includes over $475 million in emergency aid provided during the past two winters, has been instrumental in repairing and maintaining Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Crucially, this support encompasses the provision of essential equipment such as autotransformers to ensure electricity transmission to communities nationwide, along with mobile boiler houses to heat vital facilities like schools and hospitals. By fortifying Ukraine's energy resilience, these efforts are instrumental in safeguarding the country's future prosperity and independence.

The SPARC program, in particular, is poised to play a pivotal role in ensuring the continuity of energy supply for millions of Ukrainians, empowering them to defend their homeland and shape a future characterized by prosperity and independence.

Source: USAID


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