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U.S. Commitment to Ukraine's Economic Resilience: A Summary

USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman and Ambassador Bridget A. Brink in Kyiv, Ukraine; 5/1/24; posted on X by @colemanUSAID
USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman and Ambassador Bridget A. Brink in Kyiv, Ukraine; 5/1/24; posted on X by @colemanUSAID

Kyiv, Ukraine - In her keynote address at the Kyiv Investment Forum, Isobel Coleman, USAID Deputy Administrator, expressed the United States' unwavering support for Ukraine's economic resilience amidst Russia's ongoing aggression.

Coleman highlighted the critical importance of supporting Ukraine during this pivotal moment in history, emphasizing the intertwined nature of freedom and prosperity between nations.

USAID Deputy Administrator underscored the bipartisan support from the U.S. Congress, reflected in the recent allocation of $61 billion in supplemental funding for Ukraine, demonstrating America's solidarity with its Ukrainian partners.

Addressing the multifaceted challenges, Coleman outlined key areas of support, including urgent humanitarian aid, strategic investments in economic strength, and bolstering Ukraine's energy infrastructure. The U.S. aims to empower Ukraine to not only withstand the conflict but emerge stronger economically.

Highlighting achievements in agriculture despite the war's impact, Coleman showcased Ukraine's potential for growth and resilience. The U.S. commitment extends to repairing damaged infrastructure, securing macroeconomic stability, and facilitating access to capital for Ukrainian businesses.

Emphasizing the importance of transparency and fighting corruption, Coleman stressed the role of democratic reforms in fostering an environment conducive to economic growth and foreign investment. Supporting independent media and civil society remains integral to advancing governance reforms and combating corruption.

Coleman concluded by reaffirming the shared goal of securing Ukraine's future prosperity and dignity, with a call to action for private sector involvement in rebuilding Ukraine's economy. She reiterated the message of solidarity, emphasizing that Ukraine's success is intertwined with global stability and prosperity.

“I just arrived today in Ukraine from Moldova. In every meeting I had there, Moldovan leaders told me: “the #1 way that the United States can support Moldova is by supporting Ukraine. Our freedom relies on their freedom.” This is what I heard, again and again.  That sentiment is shared by so many Americans”, - USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman

The U.S. remains committed to standing with Ukraine as it navigates these challenges, with a vision of a resilient and prosperous future for the Ukrainian people.

Source: USAID, May 1st, 2024


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