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QUICK NEWS: USAID Announces $100 Million for Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank

Gaza, West Bank, kids walking through ruins
Photo by ANADOLU

“Today, Administrator Samantha Power announced that the United States, through USAID, will provide an additional $100 million in critical humanitarian assistance for Palestinians in dire need throughout Gaza and the West Bank.

This funding will support USAID's partner the UN World Food Program (WFP) to deliver urgently needed food assistance in Gaza and the West Bank. Nearly the entire population in Gaza is facing emergency levels of food insecurity and is in need of assistance, especially the most vulnerable, including children and pregnant and nursing women.

Through this additional assistance, USAID will also provide logistics support for the safe and efficient delivery of lifesaving humanitarian aid across Gaza amid a persistently challenging and insecure operating environment. The U.S. continues to prioritize the protection of civilians and aid workers, who are operating at incredibly high risk to deliver aid to people in need throughout Gaza and the West Bank.


This new funding, provided under the recently passed bipartisan National Security Supplemental, brings the total humanitarian aid that the United States has announced for Palestinians since the beginning of the conflict to more than $774 million.


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