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Presidents Biden, Obama, and Clinton Unite for Historic Fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in NYC

President Joe Biden, alongside former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, will headline a high-dollar fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York, aiming to attract big donors and underscore the significance of the upcoming election.

The event, which includes a conversation with Stephen Colbert and tickets ranging from $225 to $500,000, will draw over 5,000 donors, including celebrities like Queen Latifah and Lizzo. While the fundraiser will be off-camera, pool reporters will cover the presidents' remarks.

The absence of Jimmy Carter, who is receiving hospice care, highlights the importance Democrats place on the election's outcome.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump, also in New York, addressed concerns about law and order following the death of an NYPD officer.

Despite its exclusivity, the event has already raised over $25 million, with a significant portion coming from grassroots donations. This fundraiser marks the beginning of Obama's increased involvement in Biden's campaign, with plans for further collaboration in the coming months.


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