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Opinion: Delayed Aid To Ukraine Amidst “Ironclad” Support Of Israel

UA Forces | Wolfgang Schwan | Anadolu | Getty Images
UA Forces | Wolfgang Schwan | Anadolu | Getty Images

As the US Congress contemplates yet another delay in providing aid to Ukraine, the world watches with bated breath, wondering how much longer the war-torn nation can endure. More than two years have passed since the unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and patience among its citizens and supporters wears thin.

Just yesterday, the world witnessed the swift and decisive response to Iran's full-scale attack on Israel, with the US, UK, and other allies intercepting an astounding 99% of all drones and missiles, resulting in zero casualties despite the onslaught of 300 drones and missiles. This display of force has been deemed "unprecedented," yet Ukrainians have been enduring similar massive attacks daily since the invasion began in February 2022.

The response to Israel highlights what could have been done to protect Ukraine, but hasn't. The lack of substantial aid leaves Ukraine vulnerable to Russian aggression, with Ukrainians paying the ultimate price for this inaction.

The promise of protection made by the US in a 1994 agreement rings hollow as Ukraine continues to suffer without the necessary support. While $60 billion was allocated to Ukraine, it was mostly used to replenish Pentagon resources, leaving Ukraine to fend for itself against Russian air terrorism.

Speaker Johnson on X, April 14, 2024
Speaker Johnson on X, April 14, 2024

Speaker Johnson's promise to push the aid bill for a vote tomorrow is met with skepticism, as his statements and those of his proxies indicate a focus solely on Israel, rather than addressing Ukraine's urgent needs.

@RepMTG on X, April 14, 2024
@RepMTG on X, April 14, 2024

The significance of Ukraine cannot be overstated; its fall to Russia would set a dangerous precedent for other European nations, potentially invoking NATO Chapter 5 and igniting a much larger conflict. The inaction in Ukraine not only emboldens Russia but also allows its proxies, like Iran and North Korea, to test their weapons and advance their technology on the battlefield.

Despite NATO's repeated assurances to protect its member territories, the lack of support for Ukraine brings the alliance closer to the brink of war with every strike the country cannot defend itself against.

The question remains: what must Ukraine do to deserve to be saved? Its people display unwavering resistance and a willingness to sacrifice for their freedom from Russian oppression. Yet, as the world witnessed the protection of Israel, Ukrainians continue to wonder if they will ever experience the same.

While the US Department of Defense reaffirms its "ironclad" support for Israel, it refuses to participate in strikes against Iran to avoid escalating conflict. As attention shifts from Ukraine to Israel, China observes closely, raising concerns about the potential consequences for Taiwan.

In these uncertain times, the delayed aid to Ukraine amidst unprecedented events raises profound questions about priorities, commitments, and the global ramifications of inaction.


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