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U.S. Defense Department Retrieving Aid Vessels and Repairing Gaza Pier

Gaza Pier built by US government that has been damaged due to weather
Image via U.S. Central Command via AP

The recent challenges faced by the U.S. Defense Department in Gaza have prompted swift action and recovery efforts to ensure continued humanitarian aid delivery to those in need.

On May 25th, rough seas led to the grounding of three out of four vessels associated with the temporary humanitarian aid pier in Gaza. Despite setbacks, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh reassured reporters that recovery operations are well underway.

Singh confirmed that one vessel has already been recovered, with the second expected to follow suit within the next 24 hours. The remaining two vessels, which beached near the Trident pier, are anticipated to be retrieved within the next 48 hours, thanks in part to assistance from the Israeli Navy.

While the adverse weather conditions also caused damage to a portion of the trident pier, efforts to rebuild and repair it are already in motion. Over the next 48 hours, U.S. forces will relocate the pier to Ashdod, Israel, for necessary repairs. Once restored, the pier will be reattached to the Gaza coastline, reaffirming its crucial role in facilitating aid distribution.

Despite concerns about the pier's durability and its hefty $300 million budget, Singh emphasized its significant impact in delivering over 1,000 metric tons of aid to Gaza since becoming operational on May 17th. With humanitarian aid loaded into vessels in Cyprus awaiting transport to Gaza, the Defense Department remains committed to fulfilling its mission.

The temporary setbacks underscore the resilience and dedication of U.S. forces in addressing humanitarian crises. Singh expressed optimism about the pier's future operational capabilities, stressing the importance of aiding those in dire need. Despite challenges, the Defense Department remains steadfast in its commitment to providing essential aid to alleviate suffering in Gaza.

Looking ahead, Centcom anticipates that repairs to the pier will be completed within approximately one week, ensuring the swift resumption of aid distribution efforts. As recovery operations continue, the Defense Department's unwavering commitment to humanitarian relief remains a beacon of hope for the people of Gaza.

Source: Pentagon, May 28, 2024


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