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G7 Foreign Ministers Condemn Russia's Aggression Against Ukraine: A Comprehensive Overview

G7, Capri, Italy |
G7, Capri, Italy |

The G7 Foreign Ministers, representing Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, alongside the High Representative of the European Union, have issued a resolute condemnation of Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine.

In a joint statement, they reaffirm their steadfast support for democratic Ukraine and its defense of freedom, sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.

The ministers pay tribute to the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people, who are fighting for their freedom and democratic future in the face of Russia's aggression. They highlight the anniversary of Russia's illegal occupation of Crimea and its establishment of unrecognized proxy regimes in parts of the Donbas region, as well as the third year of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Demanding immediate, complete, and unconditional withdrawal of all Russian military forces and equipment from Ukrainian territory, the G7 ministers stress that Russia has the power to end the conflict today. They call upon all nations to uphold international law and refuse to legitimize Russia's attempts to acquire territory by force, emphasizing that they will not recognize any "referenda" or "elections" conducted by Russia in occupied Ukrainian territories.

The G7 pledges continued support for Ukraine's self-defense and long-term security, including the finalization and implementation of bilateral security commitments and arrangements. This commitment extends to bolstering Ukraine's air defense capabilities to protect lives and critical infrastructure, as well as supporting efforts to build a capable self-defense force.

In addition to military assistance, the G7 commits to providing financial, political, humanitarian, economic, and development support to Ukraine and its people. They welcome the EU's adoption of significant financial packages for Ukraine and urge other international partners to offer further assistance.

The G7 ministers express deep concern over Russia's reported use of chemical agents in warfare and condemn recent missile and drone strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure and cities. They vow to hold Russia accountable for the damage caused and support Ukraine's pursuit of compensation.

Regarding Ukraine's reconstruction efforts, the G7 pledges to work with Ukrainian authorities and international financial institutions, prioritizing early recovery measures and addressing the current energy emergency. They emphasize the importance of gender-responsive recovery and reintegration efforts for disabled combatants and civilians affected by the conflict.

The G7 welcomes the European Council's decision to open negotiations for Ukraine's accession to the European Union and praises Ukraine's progress in implementing reforms. They reaffirm their support for Ukraine's pursuit of comprehensive, just, and lasting peace, while condemning Russia's nuclear rhetoric and posture of strategic intimidation.

Furthermore, the G7 denounces North Korea's unlawful arms exports to Russia and calls upon Iran and China to cease activities that support Russia's aggression against Ukraine. They condemn Belarus's complicity in the conflict and demand accountability for war crimes, including attacks against civilians and critical infrastructure.

In conclusion, the G7 ministers vow to continue enforcing sanctions on Russia, tighten compliance measures, and impede Russia's future energy revenues. They remain resolute in holding Russia accountable for its actions, advocating for justice, peace, and stability in Ukraine and the broader region.

Source: U.S. Department Of State, April 19, 2024


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