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First Lady Jill Biden Advocates for Summer Nutrition Programs

*MIDDLEVILLE, PA — Addressing a gathering, First Lady Jill Biden underscored the critical importance of addressing childhood hunger during the summer months, emphasizing the impact of nutrition programs on families across America. Her remarks were part of a focused effort to highlight initiatives aimed at ensuring children have access to nutritious meals outside of the school year.

In her address, Mrs. Biden expressed gratitude to local organizers and leaders for their dedication to tackling food insecurity, acknowledging individuals like Debbie for their tireless efforts in making such events possible. She also recognized President Cramer and other local and tribal leaders for their commitment to supporting initiatives like the Summer Nutrition Event.

Mrs. Biden painted a vivid picture of summer as a season of joy and freedom for children, recounting experiences like staying up late without homework and forming new friendships at camps. However, she also pointed out that for many children, this carefree atmosphere is marred by the burden of hunger. During the school year, children often rely on meals provided at school, yet the transition to summer break leaves many families grappling with tough choices and missed meals due to unchanging household budgets.

“This summer, Joe’s Administration is giving parents whose children receive free and reduced-price lunch a little extra help to buy groceries: $120 for each of their kids”, said First Lady

She highlighted the efforts of the Biden-Harris Administration to alleviate these challenges, particularly through initiatives aimed at reducing grocery costs for families across the country. Specifically, she mentioned the SUN Bucks program, which provides financial assistance to families whose children benefit from free or reduced-price lunches during the school year. This initiative, she noted, is expected to benefit nearly one million children in Michigan alone, offering parents much-needed relief at the grocery store checkout.

The First Lady also praised ongoing efforts to ensure that children have access to meals and snacks at no cost through summer meal sites such as schools and camps. She commended programs like the Meals To-Go initiative, which addresses logistical challenges faced by families in rural communities by facilitating meal pick-ups or deliveries during the summer months.

Throughout her address, Dr. Biden emphasized her husband's commitment to eradicating childhood hunger, stressing that no child in America should go hungry. She reiterated that these efforts are not just about providing meals but also about giving children the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their potential without the worry of where their next meal will come from.

In closing, Dr. Biden rallied support for continued collaboration and action, stating, "Together, we will make sure that no child in America goes hungry."

Her remarks encapsulated a call to action and a vision for a future where all children can grow, learn, and succeed.

Source: The White House, July 3, 2024


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