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European Diplomatic Push for Ukraine Aid: Cameron's Call to Action

Cameron and Johnson
Win McNamee/Getty Images

According to Politico, Britain's top diplomat, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, emphasized the significant role European foreign ministers could play in influencing senior U.S. Republicans, particularly House Speaker Mike Johnson, to approve military assistance for Ukraine.

Cameron urged his European counterparts to actively engage with Speaker Johnson, either through direct communication or personal visits, to ensure the passage of the necessary aid package. He underscored the importance of European involvement, noting that Congress pays attention to international voices and highlighting the potential impact of $60 billion in aid from the U.S. on the situation in Ukraine. Despite President Joe Biden's ongoing efforts to persuade House Republicans to support Ukraine, Cameron expressed concern over Johnson's leadership of a divided GOP caucus resistant to providing additional funding.

Cameron warned of the consequences for Europe if Ukraine were to falter, stressing the need for unity and commitment to collective security within NATO.

Additionally, he called on European nations to increase defense spending to meet the 2 percent of GDP target, echoing a priority of former President Donald Trump. Cameron also advocated for the swift transfer of expiring weapons to Ukraine and urged Western allies to utilize Russian frozen assets to aid Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of financial support in the ongoing crisis.


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