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Deputy Secretary Adeyemo Engages with Ukrainian Officials in Kyiv

Deputy Secretary Adeyemo in Kyiv, Ukraine | Photo posted by US Embassy in Kyiv
Deputy Secretary Adeyemo in Kyiv, Ukraine | Photo posted by US Embassy in Kyiv

In a significant diplomatic engagement, Deputy Secretary Adeyemo embarked on a pivotal visit to Kyiv, where he met with key members of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament. The discussions underscored the unwavering commitment of the international coalition to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities and support its reform agenda.

A centerpiece of the discussions was the collective effort of the international community to equip Ukraine with the necessary resources to safeguard its sovereignty. Deputy Secretary Adeyemo highlighted the remarkable mobilization of over $85 billion in budget support from the United States and international partners. This financial backing is further complemented by over $24 billion earmarked for early recovery and reconstruction assistance, demonstrating a robust commitment to Ukraine's security and stability.

During the dialogue, Deputy Secretary Adeyemo commended the Ukrainian government for its steadfast dedication to reform initiatives. Of particular note was the acknowledgment of Ukraine's momentum in implementing vital reforms, with a keen focus on revenue generation and anti-corruption measures.

The discussions emphasized the pivotal role of the Verkhovna Rada in prioritizing and driving forward these essential reforms, crucial for Ukraine's continued progress.

A highlight of the discourse was the appreciation expressed by Deputy Secretary Adeyemo for the collaborative efforts between international partners and Ukrainian officials. This cooperation underscores a shared commitment to advancing reforms critical for Ukraine's integration into Euro-Atlantic structures, a goal that remains central to the nation's aspirations.

The meeting between Deputy Secretary Adeyemo and Ukrainian officials exemplifies the enduring partnership between Ukraine and the international community. It reaffirms the collective resolve to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities while fostering a conducive environment for comprehensive reforms, essential for the nation's prosperity and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Source: US Department Of Treasury, May 29, 2024


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