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Declaration of Support and Cooperation Agreement Between Spain and Ukraine

Upon my arrival in Spain, His Majesty King Felipe VI personally welcomed Ukrainian delegation | Photo posted on X by President Zelenskyy on May 27, 2024
Upon arrival in Spain, His Majesty King Felipe VI personally welcomed Ukrainian delegation | Photo posted on X by President Zelenskyy on May 27, 2024

On May 27, 2024, Spain and Ukraine entered into a formal agreement to strengthen their cooperation and support amidst ongoing challenges.

Recognizing the importance of unity and mutual assistance, both nations have pledged to work closely in various areas, including security, economy, and social support.

Spain and Ukraine affirm their commitment to ensuring Ukraine's security and resilience. In the event of a future Russian armed attack against Ukraine, both countries agree to consult within 24 hours to determine appropriate next steps. Spain has committed to providing swift and sustained security, economic assistance, and military equipment to Ukraine, adhering to its legal and constitutional requirements and international and EU law.

Additionally, Spain will seek EU consensus to impose economic and other costs on Russia and consult with Ukraine on its needs as it exercises its right of self-defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter. To ensure a comprehensive response, Spain and Ukraine may amend these provisions to align with mechanisms agreed upon with other international partners.

The agreement emphasizes the importance of a coordinated response to Russia’s ongoing aggression and commits the participants to continuous consultation throughout the conflict.

Both nations will implement this agreement in accordance with their international and national obligations, as well as Spain’s EU commitments. Authorized bodies may be designated for the development and implementation of bilateral agreements in the specified areas of cooperation.

This agreement is set to be in effect for ten years from the date of signature. It is intended to remain active as Ukraine pursues its aspirations to join NATO. Should Ukraine become a NATO member before the agreement expires, both countries will decide on its future status. The agreement may be extended through mutual notification at least six months prior to its expiration. Amendments and supplements to the agreement, including annexes, can be made by mutual consent in writing.

The agreement will come into effect immediately upon signature. It is regulated in Spain by Title IV of Law 25/2014 on Treaties and other International Agreements. Any expenses arising from the commitments will be subject to ordinary budget availability and current legislation.

Disputes arising from the interpretation or implementation of the agreement will be settled through negotiation or consultation.

The agreement can be terminated by either participant with six months' written notice.

Termination will not affect the implementation of ongoing activities or projects decided before the termination date unless otherwise decided by the participants.

Signed in Madrid on May 27, 2024 by Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón, the President of the Government of Spain and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, in English, Spanish, and Ukrainian, all versions are equally valid. The English version will prevail in the event of any discrepancy.

Source: President Of Ukraine, Kyiv, May 27, 2024, original legal document can be found here


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