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BREAKING: Biden Set to Issue Executive Order to Address Migrant Arrivals

In a noteworthy turn of events, reports from CBS and BBC suggest that President Joe Biden is gearing up to enact a comprehensive Executive Order with the aim of reducing migrant arrivals, potentially as soon as tomorrow.

President Biden | Drew Angerer, Getty Images
President Biden | Drew Angerer, Getty Images

Here's an overview of what you need to know about this imminent action:

The proposed Executive Order would empower US officials to swiftly deport migrants who enter the country illegally, bypassing the traditional processing of their asylum requests.

Once a daily threshold is reached, migrants could face expedited deportation procedures, as reported by CBS. A key objective of this measure is to limit the number of migrant arrivals at the US border, as indicated by three unnamed sources briefed on the order, as reported by CBS.

President Biden is reportedly considering invoking a 1952 law (212(f)) that grants the president authority to restrict access to the American asylum system.

This move underscores the administration's determination to address the challenges posed by irregular migration, as per reports. The same law was previously utilized by the Trump administration to enact controversial policies, including the travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries and the restriction of asylum for migrants apprehended while crossing the border illegally. Biden's potential invocation of this law marks a continuation of using executive authority to shape immigration policy.

Despite the proposed measures, asylum processing at designated ports of entry is expected to continue.

Approximately 1,500 asylum seekers are processed daily, primarily through the CBP One app, ensuring that legitimate asylum claims are still adjudicated.

The impending announcement has drawn the attention of mayors from several border towns, including Brownsville and Edinburg, Texas, who are expected to be present in Washington for the unveiling of the Executive Order. Their presence underscores the significance of this issue for communities directly impacted by migrant arrivals.

The proposed Executive Order is likely to face legal challenges from immigration advocacy groups or Republican-led states. Court battles over immigration policies have become commonplace in recent years, reflecting the contentious nature of the issue and divergent views on how to address it.

As President Biden gears up to take decisive action on immigration through Executive Order, the repercussions of this move are poised to reverberate across the political landscape and have far-reaching implications for both migrants seeking refuge and the broader immigration debate in the United States.

Source: CBS, BBC | June 3rd, 2024


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