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Biden Administration Takes Steps to Secure Borders and Expand Immigration Pathways

Since assuming office, President Biden has made securing the border and reforming the immigration system a cornerstone of his administration's agenda. Despite facing challenges from Congressional Republicans, who have rejected comprehensive reforms, Biden's administration has taken decisive actions to address these issues.

One of the key measures implemented includes executive actions aimed at restricting asylum for migrants crossing the Southern border unlawfully during periods of high encounters. Additionally, the administration has deployed record numbers of law enforcement personnel, enhanced border infrastructure, and utilized advanced technology to bolster border security efforts. These efforts have also resulted in unprecedented seizures of fentanyl at ports of entry, combating the influx of dangerous narcotics into the country.

Furthermore, President Biden has revoked visas from CEOs and foreign government officials who profit from illegal migration to the U.S. and expanded initiatives targeting human smuggling networks. These measures underline his commitment to enforcing immigration laws and dismantling criminal operations exploiting vulnerable migrants.

Despite Congressional gridlock on comprehensive reform, the Biden-Harris administration has pursued initiatives to strengthen lawful immigration pathways. This includes defending DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), extending Affordable Care Act coverage to DACA recipients, and implementing streamlined reunification programs for families navigating the immigration process.

The Department of Homeland Security will facilitate a streamlined process for certain noncitizen legal spouses and children of U.S. citizens who, as of June 17 2024 have resided for at least 10 years in the United States, to apply for lawful permanent residence without leaving the country, provided they meet specific residency and legal requirements. This move aims to preserve family unity and contribute positively to the U.S. economy.

Moreover, recognizing the contributions of educated individuals, including DACA recipients (commonly known as Dreamers), who have graduated from U.S. universities and received job offers related to their field of study, Biden administration is easing the visa process for these individuals. This initiative supports their integration into the workforce, aligning with national interests by leveraging their skills to benefit the country.

In conclusion, while facing legislative hurdles, the Biden administration remains committed to a balanced approach of securing borders while expanding opportunities for legal immigration. These efforts underscore a commitment to both national security and inclusivity, aiming to foster a system that values family unity, economic growth, and the contributions of immigrants to American society.

Source: The White House, June 18 2024


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