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monetize your content ADS FREE

Would you like to turn your video content or a podcast into a sustainable business without throwing money on all kinds of ads or hoping to "viral"?


My name is Olga and I've been in your shoes - constantly creating daily content,
studying "trends" and keeping my fingers crossed to be finally favored by the mysterious algorithm and go viral. I've also spend quite a budget on ads which, yes, sometimes indeed fed my fading ego, but haven't brought me any income.

I've also worked with Fortune 500 businesses in New York, NY developing and executing marketing and social media strategies that actually worked and launched my own ONEST Media Group that is home to a global TV
streaming network, production company and the ONEST Academy for creators.

I work with brands, I know what they're looking for and I am certain that you have what it takes to score a gamechanging deal. You just need the insider info! And here's where this webinar comes in.

All I did and all I learned in the process I've poured into the ONEST Academy where we guide content creators of all kinds toward success. This 30 min webinar is a taste of the ONEST Academy and once you've finished watching, you will have a better idea on how to produce, market and monetize your video content or a podcast by working with brands directly. 

Here's a preview of what you'll be getting INSTANT ACCESS to upon the quick and simple sign up

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