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Advertise on Onest TV

Onest TV is set to premiere in January 2021 on Roku and Fire TV platforms in North & South America and Europe. Digital TV is the future of entertainment and running ads on digital content presents a unique opportunity to choose the exact audience you aim to reach, the exact timing and frequency for your advertisements. In addition, being an early trailblazer to a platform offers you a unique advantage over your competition, freedom to take advantage of introductory rates and customized service. 

When you choose a platform to advertise on, you willingly affiliate your brand with the content presented on the platform. Onest TV is proud to offer programming based on real stories, experiences and people. We do not offer any politically motivated content ensuring our audience can learn from the best, get inspired and motivated to live their best lives without the need of confrontation. We stand for unity, authenticity, empathy, kindness and qualitative entertainment.


Our advertisers can choose the type of advertising, time slots and therefore content to be affiliated with.


Currently we offer the following options in terms of advertising:


  • Commercial Breaks (30-60 sec ads)

  • Product Placement

  • Special Segments (With/Without Interview)

Onest TV is on its mission to build an engaging following on social media platforms. Currently we offer to share this space with our advertisers as a complimentary add-on.

Explore Introductory Pricing for January 2021

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