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We are looking for SPORTS FANS & CORRESPONDENTS to join the network. We specialize in interactive LIVE tailgating shows that put sports fans into the spotlight. Get ready to share your take on sports you enjoy, connect with likeminded professionals and entertain audiences worldwide.




Welcome to the ONEST Network - global tv streaming platform with a unique interface and interactive live experience for the sports fans of all kinds that launches in SPRING 2023.

Next you may be invited to a group DISCOVERY CHAT.


Please keep an eye on your emails that feature an invite to a discovery chat. Spots are very limited.


Once you have been cast, you will be offered an agreement from ONEST Network that grants us the ability to feature you in our promo material and on the ONEST Sports Podcast.

During the (unpaid) TEST PERIOD you will be asked to join the ONEST Sports Podcast per Executive Producer's approval and guidance for one or more episodes to practice and gain confidence being a part of the ONEST discussion.


Upon successful completion of the TEST PERIOD you will be granted access to the PROJECT BOOKING PLATFORM where you will find active projects and the dates, details, earnings and commitments that apply. You may pick the project you want to work on. You will be asked to sign a W9 form (or alike for international Experts) and the agreement for the specific project. Next you will be paired with the corresponding producer who will guide you through the next steps (rehearsal, preparation and livestream). 

If the seats are booked, you may be placed on a standby list to attend the rehearsals (if any) and be ready to step in if a spot becomes available.


You may work on one or several projects at the same time, or take a break. If you have not been active for over 3 months, our system will put you into "standby" mode until you reapply again.


Earnings: base plus possible % of sales if LIVE sales are featured (please carefully read the DETAILS for each project).

In case you have any questions, please email


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