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stream your sports games on our global tv network

ONEST Network is a global digital tv network that is available around the world on any device and screen. The network specializes in entertainment that educates and inspires.



stream any sports game reaching all family members worldwide

build community and allow families to support their athletes

raise funds for your school &
sell your merchandise

join the new era of tv streaming, build a strong community and receive funds for your school


​It is a brand new exclusive program for high school students that allows us to stream any high school sports game for families, friends and recruiters. Our system is safe, secure and private. We feature live chats right along the live stream and “shared party” feature allowing families to generate exclusive streaming links to watch and support their athletes in a private setting. Selected students would be filming the content right at the game with an easy access to our streaming service using any camera device with access to the internet.

How does it work?

Parents sign up for a membership using our secure one-time payment system to create a unique login that can be shared with the entire family. Your school selects a group of students who are interested in television and media and who then will become the assistants for this project (receiving extra credit is a possibility that your school may offer as well). We take care of the rest - creating a private system, streaming, chats and stores (if you are interested to sell your products) for your school as well as communicating all updates and schedules to all subscribers. Once we establish the live streaming schedule, your school programming will be published and advertised to all parents and recruiters.

What is needed?

Any device that is connected to internet and has a camera to live stream the content. ONEST Network is also working on internet and equipment collaborations and potential partnerships with companies and providers that may be offered at later point.

What is the benefit for participating schools?

ONEST Network will donate 20% of annual fees to the school. In addition, thanks to our innovative interface that allows viewers to shop by tapping a "banner" on any type of screen, we can integrate school stores into our system and sell your merch for you.

How to connect?

We invite you to SCHEDULE A MEETING with us to talk about the details and take it from there.


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