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We launched something huge

...and it's coming to a school near you!

ONEST Network is super proud to roll out the ONEST Sports Schools Program allowing high schools to stream their sports games and tournaments on the global tv network. It's safe, exclusive and fun with only parents, families and recruiters having access to the livestreams.

As always, we've done with specific intention in mind.

Actually, THREE:

  1. to allow parents to support their rising stars no matter where they are and for young athletes to feel the support they need regardless whether their families can be there in person

  2. to give a chance to young students who are interested in media whether it is in front or behind the camera to gain experience in the field

  3. this is the big one: to raise funds for schools and coaches. ONEST will donate 20% of the generated profit to the participating school and even have the possibility to sell the school merchandise online

This program is exclusive and we want to give YOU the chance to nominate your school!

Go to this WEBSITE to get the details and share with the fellow athletes, students, parents and coaches.

Let's make this spring season and the next school year the best one yet! Together we can go really really far and have fun doing so.

ONEST Sports Schools Program is now OPEN for enrollment

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