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ONEST Sports Podcast is here!

Updated: Feb 22

And YOU are invited to join the dream team.

ONEST Sports Podcast is here and you are invited to take a listen starting Wednesday, February 22nd 2023 5a EST! Take us on the road, let us join your commute or enjoy the sports discussion from the comfort of your home.

Here’s WHY:

In this episode "The Trifecta" team composed of Jeremy Tomman, Aaron Baum and Harold Esquivel discuss the #SuperBowl57 - the good, the bad and ugly of everything that happened before, during and after the BIG GAME.

The team proceeds with the authentic review of the #NBAAllStar game sharing their ideas on the new format, new rules and what they've missed from the previous games.

Finally, The Trifecta gets into the #NCAA - with the #MarchMadness just around the corner, make sure not miss out on the details!

You are invited to enjoy the 30 min of fun, professionalism and authenticity RIGHT HERE.

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