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ONEST Podcast: Entrepreneurship & More

A brand new episode of the ONEST Podcast is out! This week we talk about the importance of making wise decisions ESPECIALLY when you are just starting out and wearing all possible hats.

Main takeaways:

  • Setting your fundamental basis is key

  • Defining your intention behind the brand you are creating and products and services will define your success

  • Focus on wearing "one hat at a time"

  • Behave as you - the CEO who has hired you - the accountant/marketing professional/etc and do the best job you can

  • Think through your mini $5-15 monthly expenses as these might hinder your major purchases that are needed

  • Prioritize your time and attention and avoid pleasing others while neglecting your business

Did it resonate with you? Please let me know on Instagram!

From Olga with love <3

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