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Jeremy & Aaron talk March Madness, Refs & Trades

The Trifecta Team discusses the latest events in college sports and beyond

Jeremy and Aaron kick it off with their take on the first two rounds of March Madness. How did their predictions turn out? Who's going to dominate the field? Tune in to find out what our experts have got to say.

Next, the team talks about the college baseball umpire getting suspended after a horrendous strikeout call. What did actually happen? Listen up and chime in on social media.

And finally, Jeremy and Aaron get to the 2023 NFL Draft starting with the Chicago Bears trading the No. 1 pick in the 2023 Draft to the Panthers in exchange for four draft picks and wide receiver DJ Moore. This left our Bear's fan Jeremy almost in tears...and he explains why.

Catch the brand new episode of the ONEST Sports Podcast available now across the podcast universe.

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