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Gametime Decision: Sports vs Politics, Favorite Sports Movies and QB Carousel

Kirt, Sonja and Harold are kicking off your weekend with a special episode that will leave you well informed across the board: from social issues to QB Carousel and even a list of sports movies that you will surely enjoy this weekend and beyond.

First, our team gets to the topic worth discussing with Kirt asking Sonja and Harold what they think is right when it comes to #athletes addressing the #socialissues. Should they use their fame to voice their opinions or, to quote #LauraIngram, they should "shut up and dribble"? Chime in to this topic on our Instagram and leave your comment below.

Next, Sonja reminds everyone on the upcoming premiere of the new season of #AppleTV's popular series #TedLasso and the team shares its most favorite #sports #movies. Grab something to take notes on as you will definitely want to check out team's favorite suggestions!

To round things up, Harold picks up the discussion on #QB #Carousel exactly where the Trifecta Team has left it off last time and the team even shares a sneaky rumor about #TomBrady. Make sure to share your take on it on our TikTok!

The brand new episode premieres at 5am EST on Saturday, March 11th. Check it out on any #podcast platform of your choice, subscribe and share with a fellow #sportsfan!

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