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G7 Leaders Condemn Iran's Attack on Israel, White House Statement

G7 Virtual Meeting, The White House, April 14, 2024
G7 Virtual Meeting, The White House, April 14, 2024

The White House, representing the G7 leaders, has issued a robust condemnation of Iran's recent aggressive actions targeting Israel. The attack, characterized by the launch of numerous drones and missiles, has been met with a firm defense from Israel and its allies.

The statement reaffirms unwavering solidarity with Israel and underscores a steadfast commitment to ensuring its security in the face of such threats.

Moreover, the White House statement highlights concerns regarding Iran's escalation of tensions in the region, emphasizing the potential for further destabilization if such actions persist unchecked. The leaders urge Iran and its proxies to cease all hostilities immediately, warning of potential consequences for continued provocations.

In addition to addressing the immediate security challenges, the G7 leaders pledge to intensify efforts to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza. This includes prioritizing the pursuit of a durable ceasefire and the safe release of hostages held by Hamas.

Furthermore, the leaders emphasize the importance of delivering increased humanitarian assistance to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians affected by the conflict.

Source: The White House


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