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"3 & Out" Talks NIL & Transfer Portal

Mike, Aaron and Kylon take on the collegial sports and the beginning of March Madness

The 3 & Out Team does not shy away from discussing the most controversial aspects and stories when it comes to the NIL, the initial intention behind it and the reality it resulted in.

Wondering what NIL stands for? In the simplest of terms, Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) is a term that describes the means through which college athletes are allowed to receive financial compensation. NIL refers to the use of an athlete's name, image, and likeness through marketing and promotional endeavors.

The team shares its takes on why #NIL has been beneficial for #collegesports and the hurdles that still remain.

Next it's all about #transferportal.

What does entering the transfer portal mean? The transfer portal permits student athletes to place their name in an online database declaring their desire to transfer. Athletes enter the portal by informing their current school of their desire to transfer; the school then has two business days to enter the athlete's name in the database.

Mike shares his honest take on why this hasn't been all positive for the athletes and the team weighs in on the possible solutions and changes that could be introduced.

Finally, Mike, Aaron and Kylon share their predictions for the #NCAA #Basketball and which teams they project to become the final "Sweet 16". Chime in and share your predictions in the comments and on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok!

The brand new episode of the ONEST Sports Podcast is premiering at 5am EST, Wednesday, March 15th on all podcast platforms.

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