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We are the first & only tv streaming company that takes care of CASTING, PRODUCTION, STREAMING, ADVERTISING & SALES for you, so you can focus on the rest

our pet family

Trimming the Fur


Black and White Kitten




Horse in Stable


You have a say when it comes to our content and targeting. We cast the best experts, producers & marketing professionals who are ready to create magic while generating sales for you in real time. We also invest in advetising the exact program to your target audience driving the viewers and buyers to the livestream.

What makes us unique?


we've cast the best knowledgeable and experienced experts in each category

we embrace a variety of target audiences

we focus on generating live sales for you while providing quality entertainment to our viewers

Aimee Carlson.jpeg
Amie Reiman.jpg
April Griffey.jpeg
Angie Hooper.jpeg
Chineta P.jpg
 Priscilla Smith.png
Zaybe Valencia Bellver.jpeg
Marty Whittle.jpg
rochelle belle.JPG

Amiee Carlson • Amie Reiman • April Griffey • Angie Hooper • Marjorie Gundert • Marty Whittle •  Priscilla Smith • Sariah Johnson • Zaybe Bellver • Chineta Pullin • Rochelle Belle

Show Ideas:  quick and efficient workouts, nutrition advice, immune system improvement, fitness for all ages, store visits and advice on how to pick the best products, product demonstrations, product placement and LIVE sales 

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