When creating a profile on the ONEST Network you grant us the right to show you the content you are interested in. In order to suggest you the content you might be interested in, we will have access to the statistics on the type, of content you have consumed, the duration and your "like" or "dislike" of the shows, documentaries, ads, livestreams and any other specials on our network. Your personal data will be never shared or sold to any third party. 

When being accepted and having paid the airtime fee to present your content on the ONEST Network, you grant us permission to stream, feature and present your content including video/audio/written elements to our audience for the period of time mentioned in your contract. ONEST Network will never own any copyright nor license to your content for further distribution nor share or sell your personal data with the third party. ONEST Network may share your statistics as a part of the network and category statistics with our partners (sponsors and advertisers) as an incentive for partnering with the ONEST Network.