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We are looking for musicians and singers of all kinds and cultures to be featured on the shows.

We specialize in content that educates and inspires combined with problem solving live interactive shopping experience where experts get to recommend the brands and products they genuinely like.


The FIRST STAGE of casting is FILLING OUT THE INTAKE FORM. Please choose the one that applies to you.


Welcome to the ONEST Network - global tv streaming platform with a unique interface and live shopping experience right off of any screen that launches in SPRING 2023.

Next you may be invited to a group DISCOVERY CHAT.


Please keep an eye on your emails that feature an invite to a discovery chat.

Once you have been cast, you will be offered an agreement from ONEST Network that grants us the ability to promote you to our audiences on & off social media and provides you with the access to our virtual project booking platform. 


There you will find active projects and the dates, details, earnings and commitments that apply. You may pick the project you would like to feature your music on. You will be asked to sign a W9 form (or alike for international musicians) and the agreement for the specific project. Next you will be paired with the corresponding producer who will guide you through the next steps. 


You may work on one or several projects at the same time, or take a break. If you have not been active for over 3 months, our system will put you into "standby" mode until you reapply again.


Earnings: base (please carefully read the DETAILS for each category and project).

In case you have any questions, please email


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