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Free MasterClass

From Content Creator to Business Owner:

How to score sponsorships, get paid & grow your business on any social media platform

Wouldn't it feel great to turn your creativity into a profitable business and be in charge of your income as a content creator?

It's time to stop relying on the "$1 per gazillion views" monetization model. Operate, grow, expand.

In Bulletpoints

  • From Content Creator to Business Owner

  • Hope vs Knowledge

  • Key elements of most successful ads

  • Basics of Integrated advertising

  • Types of ads that convert the best on any platform

  • Scoring sponsorship deals

  • Generating results for your sponsors

  • Raising your prices


FREE MasterClass with a TV executive that teaches

  • how to design and produce integrated advertising

  • score sponsorships

  • generate sales

  • scale up your business

Your Host

Olga Nesterova
Founder of the ONEST Network

Let's be honest - nobody is interested in watching regular ads and even Netflix is about to learn it the hard way by changing up their strategy.

As a content creator you do rely on ads and sponsorships as your source of income. You also can't really increase your ad pricing if you don't deliver the sales.

Sounds like a Catch-22, doesn't it?

I've worked in entertainment for years and am the founder of a global TV network. Seeing this trend, I ran a bunch of research, studied the stats and created a gamechanging strategy that I am sharing with you in my FREE MasterClass.


Content creators who watched the MasterClass are saying...


Your creativity turns into a business when it generates profits.

Your business turns into an empire when it starts building wealth.

It's time to STOP relying on algorithms and get paid what you're worth.

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